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Exhibit Design Worksheet

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* What is your budget range for the complete fabrication or rental of this exhibit?
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* Booth space size(s) this exhibit must accommodate? (example 10' x10')
* Type of booth space?
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* Are there any unusual design and/or dimensional restrictions?
Please describe the type of exhibit you are using now.
Tell us what worked and what didn't work with your current exhibit?
* What products do you display?
* Tell us how you prefer to display your products? Shelves, counters, slatwall, etc.
* Tell us about your exhibit graphics requirements and preferences?
* What are your functional booth requirements (non product or graphic display)? Storage, reception, private meeting area(s), tables and chairs, hospitality counter, literature dispensing, etc.
Do you currently use video presentation (LCD or plazma) in your exhibit? If not, does this appeal to you?
* Tell us about any color(s) or finishes preferences. (Corporate colors etc.)
* Is your current website representative of your current branding and marketing messages?
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* What is your main trade show message? Is there a slogan or theme line we need to use?
* Tell us about your corporate image (conservative, traditional, modern, not sure?)
Tell us if there is anything we missed that we should know.
Please attach any reference photos or drawings that can help explain your design requirements or any ideas you may have, they will be sent with your design worksheet. (jpg, png, gif, pdf, word, PPT)
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