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WaveLine® LED Arm Lights (Pair)

WaveLine® LED Armlights (Pair)
Set of 2 - 50 watts each (15 watt LED)

Set of two display arm lights with mounting clamps for our Wavline® displays, including soft molded case.

Set up: Minutes
Lead time: Up to 5 days




Features & Description


- Set of 2, 12v low voltage arm lights with plastic C-clamp mounts
- 50 watts each (15 watt LED)
- Black finish
- UL certification
- Electrical Cord 8.2ft length

Ships in
- Box 25”L x 7”W x 3”H
- Comes with a soft padded case that holds both lights
- Weight 4 pounds

2 years

Exhibico Display

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